Spikebreaker Review

Telepaths are heavily regulated, virtual third class citizens, second class if working for the Specialist Psychic Intervention unit, dealing with psychic crimes, and handling Spikes, newly emerged telepaths endangering all around them. Lydia is a SPI telepath. Jack is her Spikebreaker, a mentally compatible police officer. Together they fight, well, mainly each other.

My thoughts:

I really enjoyed this book a lot more than I thought I would. I love the whole concept of the telepaths that help the law enforcement officers. How awesome would it be knowing that you have someone looking out for you in every way, be able to scan others minds and see their intentions and let you know without making a sound. I know I am rambling but I am fascinated with telepathy stuff. Always have been, one of my favorite book series is the Bishop/Special Crimes Unit. They are a group of people that have different gifts concerning telepathy. Things like empaths, telepaths, touch telepaths, seers, mediums, Psychometrics, clairvoyants, ah.. it's always something new and the stories are amazing.

But back to Spikebreakers... (Sorry!) I was especially impressed on the relationship between the two main characters, Jack and Lydia. She is a SPI telepath and Jack is what's called a Spikerbreaker. But it's a meeting of the minds, not something that just happens. There's a bond between them, and most the time they are arguing because they are both bull-headed and determined to do what they feel is best. For this being such a short read (11,000 word novelette), it's awesome. I hope there is going to be more but it done a good job ending without too much of a cliffhanger.

Perfect if you want a quick weekend read, I read it in one setting (everyone was asleep but me, which is rare lol) and loved that it really made me think. I would recommend to anyone, because it grabbed me from page one, if you like action, this is perfect because it's going strong the whole time. Definitely an


<3 Stephalicious

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