Fledgling: Coiree Guardians Review

"She didn't scream. She should have, but the scream never formed." Rebecka "Beka" Saberhagen idea of the world around her changed, when she found out her brother worked for a vampire. Just as she was able to understand that, multiple murders began to happen close to her home. Then she was attacked by another vampire. The night becomes a new playground for her and sometimes a nightmare. But, her brother and friends are being targeted; by someone with an old grudge. A grudge, she has nothing to do with. As she discovers the past, she realizes she will have to fight. Will Beka find the strength to fight for the people she loves? Is she powerful enough? Will she survive?

What I thought...

When I received this book in the mail I was worried.. I saw the cover, (I am horrible at judging books by their covers) and I didn't think it was going to be something I liked at all. I love it when I am proved wrong!

The story's main character is Beka, who's had her fair share of bad luck in her past and has the emotional (and physical) baggage to prove it. She is living with her brother in a building that is owned by Vincent. It starts off right away with Beka learning that Vincent is a vampire and that she is the only one that didn't know. When she finally starts trying to get use to the idea she is attacked by Steopa (another vampire).

What goes on after is a story of how she copes with becoming a vampire with the help of Steopa who is linked to her through his bite. She learns that she has a rare gift, something that is beneficial to her more than once.

I really enjoyed this book because there was no dull moments, I had to tear myself away from the book more than once to do the mommy/wife thing. I was so captivated by the story of her transitioning and the adventure that she embarks on to rid her city of evil at it's deadliest. (I am trying REALLY hard not to have any spoilers here)

Another thing that stood out in the book is the characters, but it did leave me wanting to know more about Vincent and Steopa's lives pre and post vampire. I really liked Beka's character for the simple fact she wasn't the perfect 10 girl that you read in most books. She's got a little weight on her and she's very insecure about herself in many ways. She's selfish to the point that she's only concerned about what goes on in her worldl Although after turning into a vampire she learns to except herself and in turn learns how selfish she had been. I believe she more than proves herself as being selfless and learning that even though her past has demons, it doesn't mean that it has to rule her life.

Please note that I included a “-” after my grade because I did have some conflict with the book, mainly because I want to know more about the characters. Although I believe that overall the story definitely deserved an A!



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