Spikebreaker Review

Telepaths are heavily regulated, virtual third class citizens, second class if working for the Specialist Psychic Intervention unit, dealing with psychic crimes, and handling Spikes, newly emerged telepaths endangering all around them. Lydia is a SPI telepath. Jack is her Spikebreaker, a mentally compatible police officer. Together they fight, well, mainly each other.

My thoughts:

I really enjoyed this book a lot more than I thought I would. I love the whole concept of the telepaths that help the law enforcement officers. How awesome would it be knowing that you have someone looking out for you in every way, be able to scan others minds and see their intentions and let you know without making a sound. I know I am rambling but I am fascinated with telepathy stuff. Always have been, one of my favorite book series is the Bishop/Special Crimes Unit. They are a group of people that have different gifts concerning telepathy. Things like empaths, telepaths, touch telepaths, seers, mediums, Psychometrics, clairvoyants, ah.. it's always something new and the stories are amazing.

But back to Spikebreakers... (Sorry!) I was especially impressed on the relationship between the two main characters, Jack and Lydia. She is a SPI telepath and Jack is what's called a Spikerbreaker. But it's a meeting of the minds, not something that just happens. There's a bond between them, and most the time they are arguing because they are both bull-headed and determined to do what they feel is best. For this being such a short read (11,000 word novelette), it's awesome. I hope there is going to be more but it done a good job ending without too much of a cliffhanger.

Perfect if you want a quick weekend read, I read it in one setting (everyone was asleep but me, which is rare lol) and loved that it really made me think. I would recommend to anyone, because it grabbed me from page one, if you like action, this is perfect because it's going strong the whole time. Definitely an


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Hey Peeps!

I just wanted to let everyone know that I haven't disappeared or given up on the whole reading/reviewing/blogging thing. My family and I have had some issues here the last week and I haven't had much time to do anything let alone get on the computer.. So now as I am looking through my mound of email and looking at all the awesomeness I have gotten in mailbox past couple of weeks I know I need to do some major catching up and I plan to do so.. I have a review or 3 to come :) (One can always find little bits of time to read) One definite review is Starcrossed: Perigee by Tracy Lee Campbell (LOVED it) and I finished up Amanda Hocking's vampire series. I loved them as well, but I don't know.. It didn't end the way I thought it might, but awesome all the same!

I can't wait to let everyone know what all I am reading and what I have got in the mail. I feel uber spoiled by the most awesome authors/publishers that have sent their books, and too all the awesome giveaways (won my first blog book giveaway *happy dance* and just got it in the mail!) So I am going to go now and get everything together to start getting my posts in order and what not..

Thanks again for the ones that held on! Good times are ahead (I think) so I can get back to business :)

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Fledgling: Coiree Guardians Review

"She didn't scream. She should have, but the scream never formed." Rebecka "Beka" Saberhagen idea of the world around her changed, when she found out her brother worked for a vampire. Just as she was able to understand that, multiple murders began to happen close to her home. Then she was attacked by another vampire. The night becomes a new playground for her and sometimes a nightmare. But, her brother and friends are being targeted; by someone with an old grudge. A grudge, she has nothing to do with. As she discovers the past, she realizes she will have to fight. Will Beka find the strength to fight for the people she loves? Is she powerful enough? Will she survive?

What I thought...

When I received this book in the mail I was worried.. I saw the cover, (I am horrible at judging books by their covers) and I didn't think it was going to be something I liked at all. I love it when I am proved wrong!

The story's main character is Beka, who's had her fair share of bad luck in her past and has the emotional (and physical) baggage to prove it. She is living with her brother in a building that is owned by Vincent. It starts off right away with Beka learning that Vincent is a vampire and that she is the only one that didn't know. When she finally starts trying to get use to the idea she is attacked by Steopa (another vampire).

What goes on after is a story of how she copes with becoming a vampire with the help of Steopa who is linked to her through his bite. She learns that she has a rare gift, something that is beneficial to her more than once.

I really enjoyed this book because there was no dull moments, I had to tear myself away from the book more than once to do the mommy/wife thing. I was so captivated by the story of her transitioning and the adventure that she embarks on to rid her city of evil at it's deadliest. (I am trying REALLY hard not to have any spoilers here)

Another thing that stood out in the book is the characters, but it did leave me wanting to know more about Vincent and Steopa's lives pre and post vampire. I really liked Beka's character for the simple fact she wasn't the perfect 10 girl that you read in most books. She's got a little weight on her and she's very insecure about herself in many ways. She's selfish to the point that she's only concerned about what goes on in her worldl Although after turning into a vampire she learns to except herself and in turn learns how selfish she had been. I believe she more than proves herself as being selfless and learning that even though her past has demons, it doesn't mean that it has to rule her life.

Please note that I included a “-” after my grade because I did have some conflict with the book, mainly because I want to know more about the characters. Although I believe that overall the story definitely deserved an A!



IMM (1) Yes, my first one! :D

First off I want to say THANK YOU! Everyone one of you have been a tremendous support for me while starting the book reviewing venture. I am so thankful that people that I barely know have helped me make my blog what it is. So again, a huge thanks!

Ok.. Now time to try this IMM thing out :) This will be my first one, so please be nice and don't laugh too hard at the pictures as I had to take them with my webcam since my camera is well.. We'll just say sick :)

In My Mailbox is inspired by Alea at Pop Culture Junkie and is hosted by Kristi at The Story Siren.

The books that I received in the mail this week were all book that I won entering giveaways and contests, most of my review books are on my Kindle and at the moment too many to name. Give me time though and I will power through them to get you reviews on them.

The first book I received was...

It's Dragon Bound by Thea Harrison and I won it from Katidom which is another awesome book review blog that I suggest to everyone to check out at least once. The synopsis for this book can be found here.

Next one that came was this one..

The Last Four Things by Paul Hoffman. I won this one from Dutton Books and the awesome thing is I was chosen to win this after following them on Twitter. Their Facebook page can be found here. The synopsis can be found here.

Next on the list is..

Enclave by Ann Aguirre! I have been wanting to read this so bad! I actually won this one on Twitter too after the author herself tweeted that the first 5 @ mentions would receive a copy and lo and behold I was one of them. :) Only thing that saddens me about this one is I am making myself wait to read it after I get caught up on review books. The synopsis for this one is here.

The last two on my list are by the same author and they are..

They are Between Here and Forever (synopsis here) and Something, Maybe (info here) and they are both by Elizabeth Scott. I won Between Here and Forever through a Goodreads contest and the author was super sweet and also sent Something, Maybe as well :)

Another thing I was wanting to mention in this post (and then I'll leave you all alone) have you checked out my new banner?! AND I have a button to offer people too. :) How you ask? Lucia Hua at iLive, iLaugh, iLove Books is how. She graciously made me several buttons and banners for my site. Thank you again for that! Reaffirms that there are still some pretty awesome people in the world!

Please tell me what you think of my first IMM and thanks again for all the support!

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