Breastfeeding and an awesome Giveaway via Measuring Flower: Pump-a-Pair Review and Giveaway

One issue that I always seem to be at loggerheads with my friends is breastfeeding.. I have a couple (and yes that means like.. 2) friends that breastfed but most of my friends thinks it's nasty or weird or whatever.  Honestly to each their own, but I happen to be a very happy breastfeeding mommy and am always looking for things to make it a little easier experience. While scouring through my email I came across a blog I have been following for a few weeks now that offers giveaways, but also offers reviews on the products, recipes, craft ideas.. Truly a perfect site for a stay at home mom on a budget.. Did I mention coupons too? But any-who before I get off track the following link is to that giveaway and to the blog that mentioned before :)

Measuring Flower: Pump-a-Pair Review and Giveaway: "In October of 2010, Lyndsay Szymanski, with the help of her brother (now the CFO and co-owner) Jason Shultz, began Pumping Station, LLC, to..."

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