The Broke Down on the Side of the Road Playlist and more!! :)

Hello all! Just so everyone knows I plan on my first few blogs to be about stuff that happened in the past to now. Reason being is I have been wanting to do the blog thing for awhile, not that I think everyone should read it.. No, but for the fact that I like to write, I wouldn't say I am published book worthy, but this gives me that outlet.. So if you enjoy it great! If not, can't blame ya I do like to ramble!! Ha ha :)

Okay, back to the subject at hand.. This was about 3 weeks ago on Saturday night we were going to Bowling Green to see my mom.. We live about an hour away and we got into Shakertown and BOOM! Our tire doesn't just blow out, it explodes.. So there we sit, we got a hold of someone and they were on their way, but we knew it was going to be at least an hour till then.  So this is my Playlist for getting stranded, I swear I wouldn't keep my sanity without my MP3 sometimes lol Hope you enjoy!!

Stranded Playlist
  1. My Kinda Party - Jason Aldean (LOVE him for the simple fact I have yet to hear a bad song)
  2. I Love the Way You Lie - Eminem ft. Rhiana (This song always seems to make it to ALL my playlists :P)
  3. Drake - Over (Love the beat, really smooth)
  4. Flyleaf - All Around Me (Love her voice in this)
  5. Bruno Mars - Just the Way You Are (Nothing like a good love song than one from someone with a beautiful voice)
  6. Easton Corbin - I Can't Love You Back (LOVE this one.. He sounds like a young George Strait)
  7. Fiona Apple - Criminal (Another one that always makes playlists)
  8. Florence and the Machine - Howl (Band I just discovered and I am so glad I did)
  9. John Denver - Annie's Song (Classic, completely forgot I had it :))
  10. Miranda Lambert - Only Prettier (Another Playlister)
  11. Paramore - Only Exception (Awesome song, awesome singer!)
  12. Rhiana ft. Drake - What's My Name (Good dance music)
  13. The Script - Breakeven (Discovered this band when I got another one of their songs on Itunes for Single of the Week.. My opinion awesome!)
  14. The Blow - True Affection (Quirky song that always makes me think of my best friend, Amanda and me at work.. We played this song at least 20 times a day :P)

Well that's the jist of it, I am always looking for new music, I love all kinds of music. If you have any suggestions leave a comment!! Thanks!

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  1. Hey Stephalicious,
    Thank you so much for visitig the blog. It was so nice of you visit the blog. I love your planned playlist for sanity's sake. Have a terrific weekend!!!
    See ya!
    Readaholics Anonymous