Getting it together

I am tired! Lol I have a had quite an exhausting past couple of weeks and I am so happy that I am sitting in a quiet room with no one yelling or jumping around. The baby is asleep (although we never know for how long) and I am going to rant a bit about some stuff that I want to do because I need your help! But with more important (and totally awesome) things first shall we?

First.. I enter a lot of giveaways, mainly for books and I won one from Katidom It's Dragon Bound by Thea Harrison and just from what they say on Goodreads I think I am good to go! Please do make sure and come back sometime in the future to check out my review on the book. Let's hope it lives up to the hype! Thank you again Kati and to everyone that hasn't seen her blog yet check it out with the link above.. If some of you are into good HONEST reviews on books, then I think you will love it as much as me. :)

Something else that I have been wanting to talk (blog) about is Swagbucks. I do a ton of searches on very random topics, whether it be for symptoms my kids are having to possible names for characters to locations to base a book on. With Swagbucks you can do the searches and earn Swagbucks that you can turn in to get actual prizes, without the shipping fees!

You can check them out here

Main reason I brought this up is that I recently turned some of my Swagbucks in to get a 5 dollars gift card from Amazon. With this I was able to get 4 books for my Kindle. They were all 99 cents each! The books I got are:

My Blood Approves by Amanda Hocking (which I LOVED, review to come later)
Hollowland by Amanda Hocking
Switched by Amanda Hocking
The Father's Child by Mark Adair

I can't wait to get the time to dive in to the other Hocking books because the one I read was better than I thought, and her writing style is very unique. As far as The Father's Child, that was me judging the book by it's cover but I have rarely read a bad book IMO.

Ok, people here's where I need your help. I want to start getting books from publishers to read and review, I understand that I am very new at this but reading has ALWAYS been my passion. My one little slip is the fact that I don't have enough followers on my blog to qualify right now, and to be honest I am still learning. I have books that I have read in the past to do reviews on still and I know it's going to be a process. I have been inspired by some of the blogs I follow now like Reading Teen, Novel Thoughts, Katidom. So if you can spread the word about my blog please :) I am also on Twitter and Facebook. Help me make this happen, I am a stay at home mom that likes to go away to that place where only a book can take you. Not to mention the fact that I would be living under a bridge if I bought every book I wanted to read. I love all genres, more on the YA and mystery/thriller, dystopian, and the like. I have to say my least favorite is Romance but here recently there have been some really good ones! So I will quit rambling now (sorry!) and I appreciate all you can do to get the word across.

Final observation, being in this quiet house while the kids are away gets me thinking... A mom always wants an empty and quiet house, till she gets one. Then I am counting down till my babies are going to be home! Lol Well thanks everyone and have a wonderful Easter! Comments are welcomed and loved :)

<3 Stephalicious


  1. As a stay @ home mom who loves to read,I know exactly how you feel. I love reading & blogging. I've only been blogging a month noe, but have been having so much fun! Good luck!

  2. I'm looking forward to your YA novel reviews. :D

  3. Thank you Stina! I can't match others I have read but I can tell someone what I think of something lol. And while YA is probably my fave I read all genres so be prepared for random titles :)

  4. I'm new to your blog and happy to help. Let me know if there is anything else I can assist you with. We have to help each other out when needed.

  5. Thank you Orlando and I completely agree! I am now following your blog as well and following on Twitter. Just pass the word along when and where you can :) Thanks!