Fellow Bloggers Help!!

As the title suggests, I need the help of my other awesome blogging friends. I have failed once again but this time it was working and no Internet besides what was on my phone or Kindle which was great but limited at best.

Back to the reason I am pleading is I am wanting to make killer comeback but I want to do something that my name suggests.. Randomness, I have a lot of just random books that i have read or never will but maybe someone else would. Maybe make a game out of it , I don`t know yet but I am intrigued with the idea of doing this with a random book. Even go as far as to leave limited information about the book and see how people react to it then. Please give your honest opinion, I want to do something I just dont have a lot of resources right now so I am starting with books I already have.

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  1. You could post a random quote or passage from one of your books and the people who guess correctly would be entered into a drawing to win it. Or you could post a really close detail of the cover, or some random fact about the author. Lots of fun ways you could do this!