I must take a hiatus..

I regret to inform you, my peeps and tweeps, that I have to take a bit of a break. I have had some things happen in the past two days that are going to set me way back. I have fought with myself because I want to let you know what happened... Mainly because it was done by someone I never thought would do stuff like he did, how any man with that kind of mind concept should seriously be checked into an institution for observation. I didn't want to say anything for the simple fact, it's not your problem, I don't want and am not looking for any kind of pity party. I have some wonderful people that are giving my children and me a place to stay till I can get on my feet again. Till I can give my kid's the stable life they deserve and not have fear of it crumbling at our feet. So here goes..

My ex and I have been going through a lot of hard times. From the time we got together we had the life of him working, and me staying home with my kids. Something I had never had the chance to do since I had my daughter in 2005. So when it was offered I definitely agreed. Plus we weren't hurting for money, rich by no means, but we got by with no problems. All of the sudden (and for the next couple of years) money comes up missing, small amounts at first, then 250 dollars gone. No trace, nothing. Every time he would deny it, but I caught him a lot of times in my purse which is where I kept the bill money.

Long story short, this escalated to being broke all the time, in 2 years time moving nearly 10 times. Rent and bills not getting paid, me depending on food stamps for food for the kids. Something else I never had to do before, even when I was doing it all on my own. Well a few weeks ago we found ourselves homeless, no where to go, no money, nothing. We started staying at my ex husband's house (yes, my ex husband. In fact, that's who we are staying with now) and my ex started smarting off because he wanted to sleep in till 11:00am on the couch. Embarrassing me at every turn because he thought we were on some kind of vacation. We needed to be out there finding jobs, getting us a place to live. Well he dropped us off at my ex husbands and left. He started texting me, telling me he was leaving, he broke the steering rack on my car. He was going to take the keys to my moms and vamoose. I decided then that I was done, I had to concern myself with getting a life for my kids, a place they could call home for more than a couple of months. And I had to do that with or without him, so I told him I was done. He went to my storage building and destroyed all my furniture, a lot of my books (I didn't go completely through everything), and every shread of clothes I had. All I had was the jeans I had on, 3 shirts, 1 pair of underwear, and 1 bra.

You might think this is bad enough and it is.. How could you do that to someone, anyone. He even destroyed a lot of my daughter's clothes and purses, that stuff just doesn't fly with me. Then to beat it all he sells my car, leaving me with no transportation.

NOW I am happy to report that everything is going wonderful, I went out and got a job. Nothing fabulous, but it gets the bills paid :) I just recently got my internet hooked up and I am wanting to jump right back into the book review thing.  If you read previously, I lost most all of my books that I received for review and while I am not looking for extra copies, I am answering a lot of authors that have been asking me for their reviews. I hope this does not dispel anyone from trusting me with reviews in the future. I never plan on putting myself in that situation again. I am very happy with my life right now and who I am spending it with. I feel I am with the person I was always meant to be with. We have both went through a lot of the same trials and tribulations to get where we are now and we couldn't be happier. We have our own place and we have the kids so nothing could be better right now :) Big thanks to the people that didn't stop following me, I appreciate that more than you will ever know. I am planning a email change in the future, but that is something that is going to take awhile to change over. I will keep everyone updated as I go. So as always keep reading because I have been and I have some reviews to work on including Divergent by Veronica Roth (Which I loved!) and am currently reading Forever by Maggie Stiefvater. So keep in touch and email me if anyone has any specific questions for me. Love to all of you!!!

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